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Intimate Winter Pennsylvania Wedding

There's something super awesome about living life and doing things in an unconventional way.

Even more awesome, I feel, is when you have amazing people around you that support your unique ideas and ventures. I think we can all agree, that 2020 was the year of unconventional.

Everyone was forced to live and plan in a way unlike anything before.

When it came down to making 2020 wedding decisions, I don't think it was about having the giant venues, or needing things to be exactly how you envisioned. I think what it truly came down to was love. Not that the "wedding as planned" weddings aren't love-filled, because they sure as hell are. It was just a different kind of expression of love that took place with these weddings, that just delivered in a fun, new way. It was expressed by a kind of love that you have for someone that is so strong and special, that you're willing to say screw it, and do the damn thing no matter what. I admire that boldness so much.


This sweet backyard wedding with L & P was my last wedding of 2020, and it delivered all of the feels! ✨ They live in NYC, but decided to travel home for Thanksgiving, which turned into conveniently being able to tie the knot with their closest family. They had the sweetest first look in the backyard of P's mother's home, then we traveled down the road for some bride and groom portraits before the ceremony.

This sweet couple was just a ridiculous amount of fun! Whether they were laughing at themselves during couple's photos, wearing badass custom made Converse, or singing " I Wanna Grow Old with You" (yes, from Wedding Singer with Adam Sandler) during the ceremony, their uniqueness truly made for an amazing wedding day that I will never forget.

This wedding was the perfect way to end my year. it really helped me look back on the show we called 2020, and put into perspective just how lucky I was to still have the chance to do what I love to do. To build upon it, and, to share the love that I SO greatly hope my work expresses.

Enjoy a little preview from this precious winter wedding !

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